Tee Walls is a hip hop artist, producer, songwriter, and entrepreneur on a mission to communicate our shared human experience through music. The Nashville-based performer believes in the power of music to heal and connect.

“I try to show people that music can heal any situation,” Tee said. “It can temporarily distract you from a job you just lost, or a family member who just passed away. There are so many ways to connect people through lyrics.”

Music also serves as a release for the Memphis native. Every lyric on every project to this point in Tee Walls’ career has come from his own thoughts and life experience. These are delivered in detailed fashion on his latest EP, Ambivalent.

Ambivalent told the story that I’ve never really told anyone. It talks about personal relationships with my family, and the way I grew up,” Tee said. “Sometimes, I've thrown in a line or two about my personal life, but I don’t really get too far into it. This last EP was me getting it all out so I can heal as a person. For the first time, I took it there and started speaking on all of these emotions and aspects of my life.”

Tee Walls has had the opportunity to connect with audiences across the nation, with notable performances at Millvale Music Festival (Pittsburgh, PA), Loudfest (Houston, TX), and Nashville venues including The End and Cobra Nashville. He also connects with other artists as the CEO of Wall to Wall Entertainment, an independent label featuring fellow artists Esquire and Keith Mosley.

“Within Wall to Wall entertainment, we have it all – creativity, positivity, and the influential messages we want to provide,” Tee said. “It’s limitless, in terms of what we can accomplish and pull through.”